In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

An acrostic poem in praise of the Prophetic Messenger of Allah,


Most Merciful Lord of Mankind, Majestic are You beyond measure
      May multitudes of blessings and peace descend from Your infinite treasure

Upon the unblemished, upholder of truth, in him all virtues united
      Unique is his status, universal his message, to one and all he invited

He who helped others and brought happiness and healed the hearts of so many
      He was not hindered from having high hopes in Allah when hardships were heavy

Affirming the Absolute Oneness of God, in every act and intention
      An Arabian Prophet - Apostles and Angels honoured him on his Ascension:

Muhammad our master whose message shone like the sun in the midst of the day
      Makkah to Madina was his migration, a full moon making its way

Merciful and mild-mannered, even magnanimous to an opponent
      May these blessings be multiplied by his miracles in every moment

A blessing O Lord, that keeps us safe from affliction and disaster
      And upon his Kin and Companions and the Followers who came after

Dignify them on the Day of Decision, in the Garden raise their degree
      Deliver us on that Day for the sake of your ultimate Devotee

May Allah bless him and grant him peace!

Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Rabi` ul Awwal 1437 A.H. / December 2015
Toronto, Canada