In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Reflections on Allah's
dazzling creation: the Night Sky

To contemplate His night-time skies
To reflect on the stars in the depths of space
Gives meaning for every soul that cries
And slays evil with a sword of eloquent grace

I gaze up to ponder His evident Signs
Of beauty that glows through the perils of night
For this is what Infinite Wisdom defines
The lanterns of the city are no match for His light

The twilight holds visions of a time so swift
And contains the cure for my heart's desire
And suddenly all deep thoughts set adrift
With dreams of the Garden, and fears of the Fire

His galaxies assure me that I will resurrect
Meditations of His cosmos fill me with hope
As my mind, body, and soul connect
With persistence and patience: hold firm to His rope

The sky's cover reminds me of a far off place
Of limitless goals and beautiful truth
Like the moon, may I meet Him with a shining face
And be granted a life of sweet endless youth

His planets warn me my soul will be taken
In all His creation there exists no flaw
At once a universe of strength can awaken
La ilaha Illallah!

From having partners, You're Exalted Above
Your Absolute Oneness, all things proclaim
And we'd be naught if not for one You most love
In the Heavens, Sayyidina Ahmad's his name

Can there even be doubt? I gently inquire
To the one who negates and loves to defy
Of His Sovereign Existence and Knowledge Much Higher
Have you ever looked up at His night-time sky...

"Do they not look at the sky above them? How We have made it
and adorned it, and in it there are no flaws?" (Qur'an: 50:6)

Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Original 1998. - Edited Ramadan 1437 A.H. /June 2016
Toronto, Canada


His rope: that is the Majestic Qur'an

Resurrect: on the Day of Resurrection, Judgement Day

La ilaha Illallah: there is none worthy of worship except Allah

Sayyidina Ahmad: The Prophetic Messenger of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad . His name in the Heavens is Ahmad

A life of sweet endless youth: i.e. in Paradise