In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Sacred Circle

Greetings of peace, to this circle of prayer
May it be amongst the majaalis of khayr

The suhba is met with a warm embrace
The `ibaad have gathered seeking His Grace

While the fragrance of incense travels the room
We pass around - the `itr perfume

Simple and noble describes the attire
The garments of taqwa - for this we aspire

Unite the hearts, let there be no division
A gathering of dhikr is a Sacred Tradition

So tonight, let's not speak of worldly concerns
Is it not for Allah that the lover's heart yearns?

Whose Dhikr can leave hearts polished and shined
But it must be combined with Adab-refined

So increase in your reverence and receive your shares
Of the gems and pearls from the Prophet's Heirs:

The `Aalims who called us to elevate
Their lives to Allah - they did dedicate

So tonight, their ranks we venerate
And their achievements in taqwa, we celebrate

Food and halwa have been prepared!
So after the dhikr more blessings are shared!

Yes, welcome to this auspicious occasion
We'll mark it with Praise and Glorification

To the Lord of the Worlds, and a standing ovation
With salat and salam on the best of creation !

In these bless'd meadows of the Aakhira
Now let us recite the Faatiha:

To the presence of the Prophet - Khayrul Anaam
`alayhis-salaatu wassalaam,

His Family, Companions, Wives and Descendents,
Those of us absent and those in attendance,

Our Mothers and Fathers and all of our Teachers,
The Saints and the Scholars, and all the Believers,

Those of us living and those gone ahead,
The Witnesses, and the Rightly-Guided who've led

Lord shower them all Your Mercy and Pardon
And bestow on them lofty ranks in the Garden

May we benefit from their lights, and secrets-kept-hidden
And their various knowledges - in the Religion,

In the world and in the Hereafter
Now let us recite the Opening Chapter


Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
September 2011
Toronto, Canada