In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Rady Allahu 'Anhu

Praise to the One who swears by at-Tur
And on him besides whom none remained truer
May salawat overflow from the hearts with hudur
On his Family, Companions, and Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

In his youth - of knowledge, he was a pursuer
At the hands of the righteous he was to mature
He rose like the sun at the time of suhur
The Son of Safiyya: Shaykh Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Counselling both the rich and the poor
For the ailing sudur he offered the cure
Accepting no payment - his honour secure
Murshid al- Kamil Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Allah's the Creator, and Allah is the Doer
He sends us Awliya to ensure
The Sunnah of al- Mustafa is kept pure
He sent us as- Sayyid Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

In Africa's east he was the Renewer
And how many places are helped by his nur!
Like Jeddah - Mombasa - Kuala Lumpur
The Qutbud- Da'wa Shaykh Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Shaykhs like this are rarer and fewer,
Whose generous smiles filled hearts with surur,
He lived the Shahada in all its grandeur
The `Arif Billah Shaykh Ahmad Mash- hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Each Hajj he performed is a Hajj mabrur,
May the fragrance from the sweetest bakhur,
Cover the gardens of Ma'la's qubur,
Over Lady Khadijah and Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Ya Rahmanu Ya Shakur!
Let us be with the best, at the time of the Sur,
Placed in the group on the Yawmin-Nushur
Of our Shaykh al- Habib Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Ya Rahimu Ya Ghafur!
Grant us all the strength to endure,
And not to be swayed by the dunya's allure,
Bi jahir- Rasul wa Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Rajab 2012
Toronto, Canada


The One (Allah) Who swears (in the Qur'an) by at- Tur (the Mount)

And on him besides whom none remained truer - that is Prophet Muhammad

Salawat - invoking Allah to grant peace and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad

Hudur - presence (of body, mind, and heart)

Naf`an Allahu bih - may Allah spread his benefit

Suhur - of the dawn

Safiyya - daughter of the great Imam Tahir ibn Umar al- Haddad (Rady Allahu `Anhum)

Shaykh - spiritual guide, spiritual master

Sudur - breasts, chests (hearts)

Murshid al- Kamil - the accomplished spiritual guide

Awliya - friends (of Allah), saints

Sunnah - the pattern of life of the Prophet Muhammad comprising of what he said, did or approved of

Al- Mustafa - the Chosen one (that is Prophet Muhammad)

As- Sayyid - a title for someone who is a descendent of Prophet Muhammad

Renewer - Mujaddid (in Arabic)

Nur - spiritual light

Qutbud- Da'wa - Pillar of Calling (others to Allah)

Surur - joy, pleasure, exhilaration

The Shahada - the profession of faith, bearing witness, Muslim testimony of faith, the Declaration that no one is worthy of worship except Allāh and that Sayyidinā Muhammad is His Prophetic Messenger.

`Arif Billah - knower of Allah, gnostic

Hajj mabrur - an accepted Pilgrimage to Makkah

Bakhur - typically they are scented chips that are burned producing a sweet- smelling smoke

Ma'la - the well- known cemetery in Makkah where al- Habib Ahmad Mash- hur was laid to rest

Qubur - graves

Lady Khadija (radiyallahu 'anha - may Allah be pleased with her) - name of Prophet Muhammad's first wife. She was the first person to accept Islam and is one of the four greatest women in the whole of human history. Her last resting place is the Ma'la cemetery in Makkah.

Ya Rahmanu - O The Beneficent (Allah)

Ya Shakur - O The Appreciative (Allah)

Sur - the Trumpet to be blown on the Day of Judgment by the Angel Israfil (peace be upon him), to herald it

Yawmin- Nushur - Day of the Return (i.e. The Day of Judgement)

Ya Rahimu - O The Merciful (Allah)

Ya Ghafur - O The Forgiving (Allah)

Dunya - this world, worldly affairs

Bi jahir- Rasul wa Ahmad Mash- hur - 'by the lofty rank of the Prophetic Messenger (Muhammad) and Ahmad Mash-hur' (Rady Allahu 'Anhu - may Allah be pleased with him)